CAF – the Basque rail equipment manufacture is included in a tender process to build a new tram line in Jerusalem. Representatives of the company’s workers are against their company’s participation in the construction of the section. “We believe that any tram project, in any city in the world, and of course in Jerusalem, must be carried out respecting human rights and international legality. Both the plenary, and the Security Council of the UN, as well as the International Court of Justice, through different resolutions, have shown themselves against the occupation of the territories where the aforementioned tram will pass” – they said in a statement.

Bearing in mind that in this case the project has been totally rejected by the Palestinian side, the work council does not think that it is positive for CAF to do work “against international legality, ethics and solidarity” and that it will have “a strong social rejection both in the Basque country and in the world.”