What does it mean for a Palestinian to work in an illegal Israeli settlement?

How business enterprises and European Financial Institutions are supporting illegal Israeli settlements?

How can your trade union organise a successful divestment campaign?

It’s time to end the exploitation of Palestinian workers!

European Trade Union Network for Justice in Palestine invites you to the official trade union launching of the Don’t Buy Into Occupation Campaign.

New report released by the campaign exposes billions in European financial support to companies in illegal Israeli settlements.

672 European financial institutions have financial relationships with 50 businesses that are actively involved with illegal Israeli settlements. These financial institutions provided US$ 114 billion in the form of loans and underwritings and held investments to the amount of US$ 141 billion in shares and bonds of these companies.

To learn more join our trade union webinar:

Don’t Buy into Occupation – A Call from European Trade Unions


Moderation: Liz Wheatley, chair of UNISON’s international committee


Maha Abdallah (Cairo Institute for Human Rights);

Palestinian worker in an illegal settlement;

Ingunn Eriksen – Fagforbundet (Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees);

– Unai Aizpuru – LAB, cooperating with CAF workers against company’s involvement in building of the Jerusalem Light Rail

Koen Vanbrabandt – chair of ETUN Palestine.



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