Palestine is burning. In the last 4 months Palestinian villages of Huwara, Burin, Asira Qabliya, Beita, Beit Furiq, Za’atara in South Nablus district and Jericho have been under full attack by Israeli settlers, supported by its military. Settlers all across the West Bank have attacked people, their lands, burned their homes, streets and cars. Much more than 100 Palestinians have been injured. More than 560 were imprisoned. As of February 2023, 65 Palestinians were killed. Three major military raids took place in Nablus, Jenin and Jericho.

Israel’s long standing policies to ethnically cleanse the Palestinian people, replacing them with ever more colonial settlements, are advancing drastically.

Palestinian Farmers’ Union (PFU) published a report, highlighting attacks against Palestinian farmers and focusing on settlers attacks against Huwara town last week. Huwara is just one example among many others. At the start of the year, Israeli authorities communicated that the destruction of a dozen villages was imminent. Since then, Palestinian farmers are facing almost daily military incursions, settler attacks, destruction of their land and shelters, intimidation and almost complete deprivation of water and supplies.

As stated by Palestinian Farmers’ Union in the report: “As the world stood by and watched in shock as the attacks unfolded in Huwara, hundreds of Palestinian civilians lost everything. The residents of Huwara watched in horror as their town was attacked under the protection of Israeli occupation army, with feelings of hopelessness as they knew that nobody was coming to help them. All they could do was defend their town with the rocks they picked up from the ground against a large group of settlers who had a vast array of weaponry and were intent on causing harm.”

Read the full report here and organise within your union to support Palestinian farmers!