Palestinian workers often bear the brunt of Israel’s efforts to undermine the Palestinian economy. Palestinian trade unions have always played a key role in the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality.

What can you do?

  • Build solidarity links with Palestinian trade unions

Building solidarity links and communication with Palestinian trade unions can make a real contribution to their struggle and help to build support. All of the major Palestinian trade unions are members of the BNC, so get in touch if you’d like advice and input on how to start building these links or be put in touch with trade union representatives.

  • Make sure your union don’t buy Israeli products and products from companies complicit in illegal Israeli settlements.

Trade unions can put pressure on companies and public bodies and to end their support for Israel’s violations of international law. Many trade unions unwittingly source products and services from companies complicit with Israeli violations of international law such as G4S and HP. Getting your union to publicly announce it won’t deal with such companies can be a powerful way to end corporate complicity with Israeli apartheid.

  • Campaign for your union to divest from Israeli apartheid

Trade unions that have their own investments or pension funds that may be invested in companies complicit in Israel’s violations of Palestinian workers’ rights.