European Trade Union Network for Justice in Palestine welcomes the preliminary decision and emergency measures issued by the International Court of Justice on Friday, January 26th. The world’s highest court ordered, almost unanimously, Israel to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza

The measures also call for the immediate opening up for Gaza to humanitarian aid, and for the prevention and punishment of incitement to genocide by Israeli officials.

Judges were clear: over 25,000 Palestinians are dead, 1.7 million people are displaced, 93% are facing crisis levels of hunger. The devastation is undeniable.

Israel is now on trial for the crime of genocide – this should put all European countries and companies on notice because complicity with genocide is also a crime. ICJ ruling has broader implications for all States – as all are legally obligated both to refrain from committing or assisting genocide, and to prevent and punish it wherever it occurs.

Therefore we call on all European countries to put pressure on Israel to comply with the ICJ ruling, to ensure the implementation of provisional measures, to fully support the International Court of Justice proceedings initiated by South Africa in order to stop Israel’s alleged genocide in Gaza and to respect the independence of the court.

This includes demanding an immediate cease-fire and comprehensive access to humanitarian assistance, imposing a bilateral arms embargo, denouncing violence, exerting economic and diplomatic sanctions on Israel as long as the violation of international law and Palestinian rights continues.

We call on all European citizens to help us put pressure on our governments and companies in order for such measures to be taken urgently.