Trade unions who are not already represented in the steering committee but want to designate a representative can send the name of their delegate with his or her function, the name of the trade-union and the person’s e-mail address to

How to become a member of the European Trade Union Network for Justice in Palestine:

– you have to be mandated by your trade union, trade union confederation, a sectoral union or a regional brunch of a trade union that have already endorsed the initial call of the European Trade Union Initiative for Justice in Palestine. If your organisation didn’t sign the call yet, it’s possible to endorse it at any given time.

– membership in the steering committee is not by person but per union

– trade unions can designate maximum 2 representatives from their union

– per trade union there is one vote

The steering committee group will meet at least twice a year and can invite external observers or experts to the meeting without a right to vote.

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