Motion adopted at the UNI-Europa Congress in May 2021

Motion submitted by ACCG-FGTB, supported by BTB (BE), SETCa (BE), ACOD Cultuur (BE), CGSLB (BE) and CNE (BE)

‘The framework for UNI Europa’s policy on Palestine is UNI Global’s policies on the matter, in particular Resolution 5 on Palestine adopted at UNI World Congress in Liverpool and Resolution 12 adopted at UNI World Congress in Cape Town denouncing the occupation of Palestine and calling for actions to end economic support for the illegal settlements. Read more

Public Services unions from across Europe call on European governments to suspend arms trade with Israel

Delegates at the European Public Service Union (EPSU) congress in Dublin on 5 June 2019 discussed the current situation in Palestine and the role of trade unions in peace building. As a result of the resolution voted at the congress, EPSU will explore with the ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation) how to effectively campaign for the implementation of human rights clauses in EU trade and association agreements. The resolution also calls on European governments to suspend arms trade with Israel. Read more