The reality of Gaza workers under Israeli siege and the spread of Covid – 19

Palestinian workers suffer from a perilous and complex economic situation that has limited their capacity to satisfy their most basic family needs. They are unable to provide their children with a secure and dignified life, due to the lack of… Continue Reading →

New Report Exposes Billions in European Financial Support To Companies In Illegal Israeli Settlements

672 European financial institutions have financial relationships with 50 businesses that are actively involved with illegal Israeli settlements. These financial institutions provided US$ 114 billion in the form of loans and underwritings and held investments to the amount of US$… Continue Reading →

Statement By Union Syndicale Solidaires To Free Layan Nasir

Support the Palestinian civilian population and its students : free Layan Nasir ! The last Israeli attack on Gaza in May surprised by the solidarity and unity of the Palestinian civilian population in the West Bank and Israel. The extremely well attended… Continue Reading →

How do Public Services survive under occupation? A view from Palestine in the times of Covid-19 – Video

On March 22nd we organised a webinar focusing on the condition of public services under Israel’s occupation in Palestine. Below please find extracts from the meeting and answers to the questions provided by our key speakers: Prof Michael Lynk – UN Special Rapporteur… Continue Reading →

Palestinian Trade Unions Call for Immediate And Urgent Action From International Trade Unions

May 22, 2021 CALL TO ACTION Palestinian trade unions and workers’ organisations across historic Palestine are calling on our brothers and sisters in the global trade union movement to take immediate action in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom… Continue Reading →

Palestinian General Strike and Day of Action – Gaza Under Attack

At the time of writing 212 Palestinians, including 62 children and 10 Israelis have lost their lives due to the assault on Gaza and the increase in Israeli human rights violations in East Jerusalem. The provocative marches of fundamentalist and… Continue Reading →

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