European Trade Unions Condemn the Israeli Government’s Annexation Plan

The Israeli government’s plan to annex parts of the occupied West Bank are a devastating blow to Palestinian rights and the prospects of a two state solution, with a viable Palestinian state alongside Israel. The proposals, based on US President… Continue Reading →

European trade unions denounce Histadrut’s discrimination of Palestinian workers

In a letter sent to the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) 33 European trade union organisations denounced the discriminatory policy of Histadrut towards the Palestinian workers. “As a result of the containment measures, the Israeli government has granted unemployment benefits to… Continue Reading →

Palestinian Workers Are Bearing the Brunt of the Pandemic

Palestinian workers play a vital role in Israel’s economy, but they’ve been left exposed to the danger of COVID-19 without any support from the Israeli authorities or their own leaders. The pandemic has exposed the harsh realities of life for… Continue Reading →

Open letter to ILO on the situation of Palestinian workers during COVID-19

European Trade Union Initiative for Justice in Palestine together with more than 60 Palestinian and international organisations and trade unions have co-signed an open letter urging Director General of International Labour Organisation to ensure the protection of Palestinian workers during… Continue Reading →

Dozens of Norwegian groups and trade unions call to end the siege on Gaza

58 Norwegian organisations, political parties and trade unions have demanded their country’s foreign ministry to put pressure on Israel to end its blockade on the Gaza Strip in particular. “In response to the global pandemic, governments across the world are… Continue Reading →

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions calls for an emergency help for Gaza

In response to the Coronavirus global pandemic, governments across the world are implementing emergency measures in order to protect the health of their citizens and stabilise their economies. For almost 2 million people in the occupied and besieged Gaza Strip… Continue Reading →

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