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WORKING PALESTINE | COVID-19, Labour, and Trade Unions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

The new report, “Working Palestine: Covid-19, labour, and trade unions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip“, highlights the many ways in which Palestinian workers have been affected by the pandemic, while being subjected to inhumane treatment in the face… Continue Reading →

The situation of Palestinian workers – testimony

Since the start of last April, Israeli colonial authorities have been clamping down on Palestinian workers and the Palestinian people of the West Bank. This is exacerbated for Palestinian workers who work for Israeli corporations without permits. Lately, there has… Continue Reading →

Don’t Buy Into Occupation – Second Report is Out!

The Don’t Buy Into Occupation coalition that ETUN Palestine is part of, released its second report on EU Financial Institutions and businesses involved with the Israeli illegal settlement enterprise. New research exposes 725 European Financial Institutions actively involved in the… Continue Reading →

Norway must change its policy towards Israel, says Fagforbundet

At the National Congress held in October 2022, Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees (Fagforbundet) adopted a resolution calling on Norwegian government to change its policy towards Israel. “The 55-year long occupation of Gaza, the West Bank and East… Continue Reading →

National Tertiary Education Union supports BDS and opposes IHRA

This motion was voted in October 2022 at the National Council meeting of the National Tertiary Education Union. The NTEU recognises and builds upon the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Palestinian solidarity in their struggles against settler-colonial… Continue Reading →

A Call From Palestinian Trade Unions to Unions in Europe For An Act Of Meaningful Solidarity

Since the start of 2022, Israel has been clamping down on Palestinian workers, preventing many from reaching their workplaces in Israeli corporations, particularly undocumented workers. This is a call from Palestinian Trade Unions to Unions in Europe for an act… Continue Reading →

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