Arab Workers Union in Nazareth calls the Israeli authorities to reveal the fate of 18,000 workers from Gaza whose traces have been lost in Israel, amid information confirming the opening of detention camps for workers near Ramallah.

The legal department of the Arab Workers Union in Nazareth sent urgent letters to the Israeli Prison Administration and the Israeli Civil Administration in the West Bank, demanding that they reveal the fate of thousands of Gazan workers who worked in Israel and whose traces disappeared on 7:10 after the attack launched by the Hamas movement on the Israeli settlements.

Immediately after the operation carried out by Hamas, the Israeli “coordinator” in the Civil Administration canceled 18,000 permits for Gazan workers in Israel, thus making thousands of workers “illegitimate” and their fate remains unknown until this moment.

In a union conversation with a number of Gazan workers in the city of Haifa, the workers said: “There is a large number of workers who fled to the West Bank, and some of the workers arrived in the city of Ramallah, but a large number of workers were arrested at the Israeli military checkpoints and were subjected to abuse and severe beatings.” The money they had was stolen.” The workers confirmed that there are hundreds of workers being detained in Israeli army camps in the West Bank.

In further communication with a number of workers who took refuge in Jenin in a headquarters belonging to the municipality, the workers confirmed to us that hundreds of workers have disappeared until this moment, and that the workers were subjected to interrogation and severe beatings at Israeli military checkpoints.

 Nazareth: 17.10.23