The General Alliance of Trade Unions in Poland (OPZZ), the largest nationwide umbrella confederation of trade unions in Poland, comprising both of unified nationwide trade union organisations and the sectoral federations of trade unions, supports the Palestine trade union call for an arms embargo.

Statement on the need to stop Israeli attacks on the Palestinian people and initiate a genuine peace process.

Guided by the values of the trade union movement we represent – freedom and equality for all people and their right to live in peace – we stand in solidarity with the Palestinian trade unions’ call for an end to the support and legitimisation of Israeli attacks on the Palestinian people.

We call on the Polish authorities to end military cooperation with Israel until the bombing of Gaza and other military actions taken against Palestinian civilians are stopped, and for the Israeli authorities to enter into a genuine peace process with the Palestinians. We cannot remain silent in the face of the thousands of victims of the bombings, many of them children, the razing to the ground of entire residential neighbourhoods, the compounding of the humanitarian disaster by cutting off fuel, electricity, water, food and medical supplies, and the forced displacement of hundreds of thousands of people with the hallmarks of ethnic cleansing. Enough of the deaths of innocent people of any nationality!

Peace between people of different faiths and nationalities is possible. It is time to put an end to the spiral of violence, an essential condition for which is an end to the colonialism, occupation and apartheid that Palestinians have faced for decades.

OPZZ leadership

October 23, 2023

Source: OPZZ