Refusal to handle military equipment for war in Palestine

While genocide is taking place in Palestine, workers at Belgium’s various airports are seeing weapons being shipped to war zones.

The loading and unloading of these weapons helps to provide organisations to kill innocent people.

We, the various trade unions active in the ground handling sector, call on our members to stop handling flights that ship military equipment to Palestine/Israel, as was the case at the start of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with clear agreements and rules.

We therefore call for an immediate ceasefire and ask the Belgian governments to be consistent and not tolerate arms shipments passing through Belgian airports. As trade unions, we declare our solidarity with those who are campaigning for peace.

The common trade union front

ABVV – BTB (Belgian union representing all workers in the maritime sectors, port workers, airfreight handling workers, freight and passenger transport and logistics)

ACV/CSC (Confederation of Christian Trade Unions)

BBTK – Setca (Association of Employees, Technicians and Managers)