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150 civil society organizations across Europe launch an initiative to finally stop trade with illegal settlements

Marking the World Day of Social Justice on February 20 a coalition of 150 civil society organisations, among them ETUN Palestine, has launched a European Citizens Initiative (ECI) to stop trade with illegal settlements in occupied territories. An ECI is… Continue Reading →

Sign The Petition For A Historic Law That Stops Trade With Illegal Settlements

The EU opposes annexation and considers illegal settlements in occupied territories as an obstacle to international peace and stability. But even though illegal settlements constitute a war crime, the EU allows trade with them. That trade allows for profits from… Continue Reading →

Article: The right to health in Palestine

The right to health is protected by international human rights law including the Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR). Article 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention stipulates that an occupying power must ensure… Continue Reading →

DON’T BUY INTO OCCUPATION − A Call To European Trade Unions

The influential ‘Don’t Buy into the Occupation (DBIO)’ report highlights the extraordinary scale of investment by European financial institutions, including pension funds, in companies actively involved in the illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. These companies are contributing… Continue Reading →

WEBINAR: Don’t Buy into Occupation – A Call from European Trade Unions

What does it mean for a Palestinian to work in an illegal Israeli settlement? How business enterprises and European Financial Institutions are supporting illegal Israeli settlements? How can your trade union organise a successful divestment campaign? It’s time to end… Continue Reading →

Action in France: “BNP Paribas must divest from Israeli settlements”

The “Don’t Buy Into Occupation” (DBIO) coalition is composed of 28 European and Palestinian civil society organizations. In a detailed report, it denounces the financial links between European financial institutions and companies involved in the Israeli colonization of the occupied… Continue Reading →

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